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I am a Christian; it’s too hard to have Godly deeds in my life.

The only way we truly get to the point of faith and deeds, is if we have the Holy Spirit of God living in us. If you say you’re a Christian, yet live like the world, and can’t seem to do Godly things, then your faith is dead, and you need to receive Christ, repent of your sins, follow God in obedience, go to a non-Catholic church, and get baptized. I say non-Catholic church, because the Catholic Church is the place of the devil, and demons live in them. They reject you if you’re a sinner, it makes no sense, because everyone is a sinner, and priests are very prideful people, which is sin (pride). Once you get baptized, you received the Holy Spirit, now pray each day and read the bible, and go to church, and live your life according to how God told you to ( The bible shows us how to live. God speaks to his people with it.) and last follow him.