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Why are you here? Many of us search a life time trying to find out why we were born. We try to find out what we are here for. Well, for Jesus, he wasn’t here for anything other than dying. He came with a mission. That mission was to die. His purpose was to give his life. His dream wasn’t to live on earth in wealth, but to be poor and waste away and be killed. Why are we living today? You may not know why you are alive, but Jesus knew why he was here. He was here to die. His death, what is it? How does his death give you a new meaning to life?

God’s plan for mankind since the beginning was to save people. His purpose was to being men and woman to their knees and bow down and give glory to him. If you’re a king, then that would be the desire of your heart. For glory to be given to you by all. At your job, your manager wants respect from you. Maybe if you’re a manager or have a desire to be a manager, you desire your workers to respect you. God is same way. He wants respect from creation. He is rightfully just and has earn that respect.

It all started with the Jewish people. He saved them. He put them under a peace contract, with terms and conditions. The Jews had to follow this law that God gave them. By following that law, then they would be saved. Part of the law, the priest would have to sacrifice different animals for different reasons. From giving thanks to God to paying for sins. This was done in the temple. It had to be done for forgiveness of sin.

The Jewish people failed. Over and over and over and over, from generation to generation, the Jewish people keep on breaking the peace contract with God. Therefore, God ended that peace contract with the jews. He kept sending his prophets to warn the Jews to repent and the Jews wouldn’t listen. They just killed the prophets and went on sinning against God all the more. In our own understanding, at work. If we break the rules of our company we work for. Our bosses might forgive us few times or warn us with write ups, but once we reach that max, we’re just get fired. That’s what happen. God fired the Jews.

So God still wants his glory. He just wants some true and faithful to the heart people for his kingdom to give him that glory. In a relationship, you don’t just want to grab anyone off the street and be with them. You want to get someone who you connect to and can be with. Someone that really does love you and you love them, right? No one is going to enter a relationship or marriage with a person that they don’t love. That be foolish. God is not a fool. He went and he made a way to find his love one. How did he do this though?

All mankind is sinful and has rejected God. They are all are heading to Hell. They are separated from God forever. God doesn’t want that though. He wants and desires a relationship with everyone. “For God so loves the World” John 3:16. Jesus himself spoke them words. Jesus, named “God With Us”, he came to this world and said he loves you and me. Anyone that goes against that, goes against Jesus. So, out of this LOVE God has for us. He came to this earth with a Mission.

The Mission was the die. Not just at anytime, but at the right time. Jesus still had to teach his truth to the world. His truth that his people would live by. They would come to him and be moved to want to live for God. Not no more of a burden to live for him like the Jews, but this time, coming to Jesus would put this desire in your heart to no longer live for yourself, but for GOD. So many people are trying to be righteous, but without Jesus in their heart, that desire to be righteous won’t be an active desire, but dead desire. The Holy Spirit moves people to live for God and coming to God is only way to get that Holy Spirit.

Jesus was born by a virgin woman. He lived a sinless life. He was then killed by his own plan to come with a mission to die. Then he went to hell for 3 days and 3 nights to pay for the sins of the world. After all that, he came back to life. He walked around on earth for 40 days. 500 reports of people seeing him. He then went up into heaven, sat at the right side of the throne. receiving all power of the world. He set up his Kingdom on the earth. Rome failed and now the church is risen and then the people of God went forth and made his kingdom world-wide to all nations 2000 years ago. Today, 90% or more of the world has heard the message of Jesus. It all went forth by 11 men in a city in the middle east. Now world-wide with millions that believe all over the different nations.

The death of Jesus brings life. Jesus died and then return to life. Those who came to Jesus received a new purpose for live. Fisher men became fisher of men. Tax collector, became people collector. The Doctor that help heal the body, he now helps to heal the soul. God brought a true meaningful purpose to people’s lives. His dead saves people and gives life. Even on the cross, he gave everlasting life to the thief, just because the thief believed in Jesus and trusted him. No longer do we get saved by our own good deeds. Jesus said it this way, on that cross, “It is finish”. The war is over, God won by dying.

Jesus paid in full. The sins of mankind. He paid the debt that we owe to God. He now is offering everlasting life for those who put that white flag up and say “I’m Sorry God, forgive me”. For me and you now, God is asking us one thing. That we to die. We need to be born again. This time into his family. His family is a Holy family. We need to turn to Jesus on that cross and take his death and use it to pay for our sins and die daily to our sin. By each day turning to the cross and respecting Jesus as rightful ruler of our life. We need to die to our sin and receive the HOLY SPIRIT and enter into the family of God. By doing that, we become a son or daughter of God. We will stand before God, Holy and pure and all because of Jesus’s death.

Jesus says you have to love him first above all. Pick up your own cross, so be willing to suffer for God, and follow Jesus. The way we do that is reading bible, praying and doing as God says according to his written and living word, Bible and Spirit. And it won’t be to hard of a life the devil makes it to be. Your receive a Holy Spirit and be moved to want to follow God.

In the old peace agreement with the Jews, everything was based on law. In this Peace agreement, everything is given by grace, with Jesus on that cross. In the old one, animals died for thanks, worship and sin offering in the temple. In this one, we are the temple and the holy spirit moves us to give glory to God on High and worship him with our lives and Jesus paid all our sins on that Cross. There is no more terms and conditions. It’s a simple Mission to die. To die to sin, turn to Jesus and accept the Holy Spirit as the ticket to Heaven.

Are you looking for Hope? This series “Jesus”, we said Jesus is simple “God With Us”. He “With US”. He wants us and wants a relationship with Us. There is Hope and it’s in Jesus. Jesus Alone Saves.