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What if God called you and wanted to use you to do something greater than yourself? What if God wanted to use your weaknesses and his strength in order for him to be glorified through you? God called Moses, he called him to do something beyond himself. Something that would take only a God-sized hand in order to achieve. To bring an entire nation out from among a land of slavery in the most powerful nation on earth. God called Moses. He is calling us too. He is calling us to bring others from among the nations in our own time, from the slavery of sin and darkness into the Freedom and Light of Jesus. God wants to use you to do greater things than what he did with Moses. What can we learn about God’s Calling in the Call of Moses as it relates to us in the 21st-century church?


God uses others to call us to something. After God met with Moses, Moses went and asked his father-in-law for permission to leave and go to Egypt to do what God called him to do. Ch. 4, V. 18 – Then Moses went back to his father-in-law Jethro and said to him, “Please let me return to my relatives in Egypt and see if they are still living.” Jethro said to Moses, “Go in peace.”

I remember when I was 20, I was trying so hard not to become a Manager. I switched stories and I was working overnight. I was trying to stay out of sight, but apparently, this store I was at was closing down and a new one was opening up, which drew managers from my last store to the store I was at. Long story short, weirdly enough everyone from the bottom of the china to the store manager wanted me to be a manager. In my first month at this store, I went from just another employer to the Head Hourly Supervisor. I keep that job until I join the Marines. 

God will use others to point us in the direction that he is calling us to walk in. We must be willing to trust him and start walking in that direction. 


Timing is an interesting concept in the hands of God because literally, time is in the hands of God. Time is an instrument God uses when at the same time, we are an instrument that time uses. We are inside time, God is outside time. He himself is the Beginning and the End. Perfect timing is important to God. He waits for the perfect timing to move and when i say perfect, it’s literally perfect. There is a set day in history Jesus will return. There is a set day and hour of his birth. There was a set number of days in a week created. Timing is a tool God is using. When Moses was called by God, God didn’t send him until it was time for him to be sent. In verse 19 we see that God was waiting for a few people to die before he sent Moses because these people wanted to put Moses to death for the crime he committed. 

Sometimes we feel God calling us to do something, something huge, but the door just will not open no matter how much you try, most likely if God is calling you to walk through that door, something hasn’t completed yet, so he leaves the door shut and locked, for the perfect time. 

For the last 2 or 3 years, I have been trying to get back into management, but no matter how many job applications I put in, no matter how many interviews, no matter how many prayers. The door just won’t open. Until this Monday maybe, I have an interview with a company. I’m nervous about it because I have been denied for the past 2 or 3 years and I need this job. I have a feeling God is actually calling me to apply and interview for this position. I could be wrong. Sometimes we have to knock and see if the door opens and believe me, I’ve been knocking for a long time. Keep on knocking. Keep on Praying, Keep on Asking. Persistence is the key to this perfect timing in the hands of God.  “Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who searches finds, and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. – Mat. 7:7-8


When God calls you, he doesn’t leave you with anything to help you in your calling. When God called Moses, we see that he gave Moses the ability to perform miraculous signs and wonders. Now is God going to give us the power to slit seas and turn a staff inside a snack? I would be lying if I told you no. I personally have been used by God to make it rain and heal sick people. I grew up in a Baptist Church and these types of miracles are said to be no more, but I know what I have seen. God can use you to do things that are insane and hard to believe. He can also not use you and you’re just the average Christians that never see anything insane. The call of God is different for everyone. Like not everyone is going to hear the voice of God at 3 AM, but I have 3 times in my life. It’s always in the stillness of the night. I only hear “Keith, Keith” and nothing more than that, but it always happens right before something life-changing happens. 

If God is calling you, be sure that he is going to give you the equipment to carry out the mission he is calling you to carry out. I have been in the Marines for 4 years, I have not been given the supplies I need when I am ordered to go on training or stand guard. If my unit commander is going to ensure I have all I need to carry out the mission that I am given, God is more than able to give me and you all we need to carry out the mission he is giving us to push forward in.  


When God calls you to something, others are most likely involved in that calling. God not only sent Moses, but he sent Aaron too. Aaron was the brother of Moses. God called Aaron after calling Moses. This is most likely a sign of if God is calling you or not. If no one else is following you or willing to jump in on the mission with you. You are most likely not being called by God to do what you think he is calling you to do. It is also possible that he wants you to step out in faith on your own and then others will be brave enough to move in faith with you. 

When I started a church in 2017, no one was with me on it. So I stepped out in faith and began the process and in a few days I had a team and we started to grow and build. The church died and then the Marines called and told me my people’s work was accepted, so I felt God telling me to go into the Marines. 

So these 4 key points are the key points to look for when God is calling you to action. Are you called by God to do something big? Well, test that calling against these 4 key points and see how God might be supernaturally moving in your life.