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Mouth & Ears (Study of James- Part 9)

I experience this topic in my life few times and God has given me deep understanding on this topic. “Mouth and Ears”, use them wisely.

  My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.”

James 1:19-20

It was Saturday, just getting out from church, and a teacher came over and we talked for few minutes, back and forth. Well, I brought out a passage that was a prophecy, I told him, “this looks like it’s going to happen this week”. It was Ezekiel 38. Before I could tell him anything else, he just started going off for like 5 or 7 minutes on something other than the topic, think on salvation and then he started talking about false teachers telling me wrong stuff, and then I told him, I’m reading the news, and its matching up, I’m just warning you, if this happens then get your family out of here. This guy still wouldn’t listen to anything I said. Mater in fact, I had to text him when I got home and tell him like that.

Something like that happened with another person, an Christian that wouldn’t listen, but keep on talking, I was trying to explain to him, first, all the bible is true, he was trying every possible way to tell me other wise and also, that true Christian have deed’s to show that their saved (which we will get to later in this series on James).

My point is that Christian like to talk the talk, and not walk it. As Christian’s we need to listen 100% of the time, before we even speak a word. As is says, “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak”.

The teacher I talked with was fast to speak, slow to listen, and fast to become angry. I personal know lots of Christian’s who are the same way. I was that way, until God has taught me to be at peace. We are peacemakers, are we not? How then can we go on in anger? Anger isn’t of God; yes the bible says WrathofGod, which means that can’t take sin any longer, like he hates (dis-approve) it. Anger is what causes wars in this world and people to loss their life, because one person was angry. Feelings are just as powerful as words, there just words within the soul’s that makes the fire, and then boil’s the waters and then soon after, you no longer are acting like God wants you to act like.

Shine as light; you are “light of the world”, Jesus said that.

What have we learn?

  1. Listen fast, no matter what. 
  1. Be slow to speak. If you just start speaking like crazy, people won’t want to be around you, and it won’t help bring people to Christ. 
  1. Don’t be angry. 

In bringing people to Christ, if you listen to them before you speak; you can help them in their problem, when you bring them to Christ. It’s wise to God, to do it as the Bible says.