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(I had to write this for my Military School. We had to type up an Auto-Bio. I had it in my google docs and thought, minus well post it, give ya’ll an little historical background of myself. )

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Growing up in Carrollton, TX was interesting. My older brother and mother were both into drugs. I knew people who got in trouble with the law and other people who ended their own lives. Me and my older brothers went to church every sunday morning. When I was 11 years old I got my first charge, and my last charge. I remember being walked out of school with an officer grabbing my arm and then he put cuffs on me inside the cop car. I started off life on an very line line that separated life and death, light and darkness, good and bad, heaven and hell.


I spent my 12 year old life on probation for an year. I was leaving 5th grade and entering 6th grade. I had to be home by 7pm, I had to see a probation officer every week on wednesday and I couldn’t leave the state of texas. I hated that year, because the sun stayed out longer past 7 and I wanted to be at the park balling football or basketball, but I couldn’t. My older brother was also on probation at the time and we both had the same probation officer. They drug test him alot, and I got drug tested once. No one believed that I was on probation, I thought it was cool, but no one believed me in school.


I remember coming home one day after my probation was over, and my mom told me that I had to babysit my 2 little brothers. An 5 month old and 4 year old. I asked where my older brother was and my mom said he was in jail. I wanted to play football in middle school 8th grade, but my mom told me I had to babysit. I babysat my brothers and other my mom’s co-workers kids. I made money here and there doing that. It help me from getting in trouble with the law. Stay home, clean, cook and make sure the kids were happy. I remembered my little brother would call me ‘daddy’. His dad (my step dad) was in federal prison at the time while I babsat.


When I was in 7th grade I open the bible open for the first time. I was trying to figure out what church was about and wanted to know more, just had this hunger in me that I needed to fill. A hunger to know about this ‘Jesus’ we sing about in church. When I was 8 years old, I committed myself to becoming a pastor one day and I didn’t even know what I pastor was. I did know what they talked about stuff from inside the bible. So I took a step forward in this commitment and started reading the bible. I faced a-lot of bullying because I carried a bible around everywhere I went, school, store, home, cross country, work, like the bible was with me everywhere and everyone knew I had a bible on me always. I didn’t really live according to the bible at the time, I just read it for knowledge based until I was at the end of my 10th grade year.


At the end of my 10th grade year I accepted Jesus into my life. By now I read the story, gone to church every sunday and hard the messages. My conversion is in my book I wrote. But after 3 years of just seeking knowledge about this faith, reading the bible and learning more about Jesus, it was clear to me that this is the truth. Not only was this the truth, but it changed my life. I would go on and start preaching in school, on the street, going house to house, and then slowly growing an online based ministry. I had a team of people around the world help me grow this ministry with me. It reach into 20 nations by time I was 20 years old. I ended up writing many books. And been able to help a-lot of people fix their lives. I recently started traveling around Texas and states around Texas, helping people in any way I can. Right before Bootcamp, I started a church and got to see great things in that. My life changed completely.

Now, I might of spark some interest by now. So I covered that my mom and 2 older brothers were drug addicts, step dad spent time in federal prison, my real dad was an drunk that cheated on my mom, and I personally got arrested when I was 11 years old. After giving my life to christ, I started a ministry and became the first in my family to graduate high school, with an diploma. It was my most prized possession honestly. In high school at end of 11th grade I was awarded a certificate of integrity out of my whole study body of 500 students.


My first job after high school was at a gym, on a golf course. I worked hard and my boss gave me more hours as my time went on in the company. I won an award for my hard work. Members always told me that I should be promoted to an superviser because I worked so hard. Time pass and I was able to get a job with walmart. I started working overnight with walmart and walked in day time with the golf course. It only took 3 days and I was asked to be full time at walmart and pursue management with the company. Being 19 years old, I thought that sounded awesome. So I left the job at the golf course and started my career with walmart.


I had a girlfriend at the time and she told me that if i took the management job she would leave me, so every 3 months I got offered support manager at walmart and I turn it down, because I was in love. After an year pass by, I was just about tired of my girl friend telling me what I can and can not do, so we fought for a few months and then split and went other ways in life. She block me out her life completely. I wanted to keep being friends, but she wanted to act like I never existed. That was an end of an 3 ½ year relationship. She help me build the online ministry, so when we broke up, the online ministry suffered big time.


I moved forward, got myself an apartment and truck with the money I saved up for a wedding with and then I went and spoke to the store manager about stepping into a management position. He promoted me to department manager of 6 departments. It started off great and I was learning so much, was an exciting and sad time for me. Sometimes I would think about Ashley and look around. I had everything I wanted, but I didn’t have her, she was what motivated me all them years to work so hard. I had little money left over and I used it, movies, bowling, if it had FUN in it, I was doing it. I was really just trying to get my mind off of the fact that I missed Ashley. 6 months later, I’m behind on my truck payments, my credit MAX out, and I have an eviction notice, and my store manager began looking for away to boot me from his team.


My step dad started working for a construction company pouring concrete and he was making an good $1000 a week. So I went and talked to the general manager and he hired me on the spot. I quit walmart. Around the same time I lost my apartment in court and now I had an tow truck looking for my truck. They found my truck and I beg the driver not to take it, I told him my situation and he said, “I’m not going to take it, i’m going to call my boss and say that I can’t find it.” For the next 6 months I traveled texas and hid my truck at the shop in Dallas, while I took the company truck all over the state of Texas. I caught up on my payments and then I decided I wanted to go become an electrical technician. I get into everest college.


My job wouldn’t let me go to school, so I had to find an new job that worked around my hours so I could go to school. I ended up back in walmart, at a store no one knew who I was. I did that on purpose, I didn’t want to be an manager, just wanted to finish school and move forward in life. But things don’t work out as plan. I took one class at everest and I run out of gas money on the first day of my 2nd class. I called the school and asked them If I could start classes next month, and I can save money this month so I can have gas money and they wouldn’t work with me. The school withdraw me from the system as a student. Now at walmart, I worked so hard that my name spread like wild-fire and the store manager started hearing about me. Managers from the store I used to work at transfered to my store, because they were opening an supercenter across the highway. Long story short, I’m promoted to grocery support manager. In that prosition I was in-charged of half the store. There was 8 department managers below me that I had to teach and train, along with another group of people called “CAP Team” that was my own team, they reported to me. They had a special job to do and it was an new thing the company was doing, so i was right there learning the system and trying to teach it to this team. In this prosition I learn a-lot about walmart and I was on my way to another promotion.


Last year, 5 Dallas Officers were shot and killed in the line of fire during an Black Lives Protesting. One Officer Mike Smith was among the fallen and I remember that tuesday seeing him at church. He served as an police officer at our church called watermark. I was going to go say “Thank You” to him that night, but I thought, “maybe next week, right now i’m tired.” There wasn’t an Next week, thursday he would give his life. For a month, I would just think about it over and over and over, that this guy gave his life, so I can have my freedom to be successful. So I started looking into law enforcement, then I looked into security officer, found myself talking to the marines. I join not for the money, fame, promotions, I gave all that up. I join to protect the american people. My plan is to do one contract, learn as much as I can about defensive moves and using weapons of different kind and then get out and get ready for just in case something goes down inside our borders.


A month before boot camp, I quit walmart and started driving for uber. I made a-lot that month and I rested a-lot to. I made more money in less time. So I’m planning to be an Full time uber driver when I get back to texas and i’m doing marines on weekends.  I hope to finish my 1st bachelor degree soon, I start my 2nd bachelors In January.  I’m looking forward to seeing what 2018 holds in store for me.


Oh and one last thing. Because I lost my apartment when I was 20, my credit mess up so bad, I could never find a place to live. My truck was my home for a while, until it broke down. I fixed everything on that truck, even the engine. Almost dead in it to. Had an experience in that truck that I was going 90 MPH down a ramp off the highway at midnight and I had about 10s to figure out a plan or I was going to hit another truck at the end of the ramp and no longer be on earth.


My Story ends really good. I made it through the Marine Bootcamp. I now have about $8000 to $10,000 saved up. I drive an 2017 chevy cruze. I am an independent contractor with Uber and Uber eats. I’m my own boss. My plans are to keep living in my car and save up another $10,000 or $20,000 and then do an downpayment for an house. By time I’m 26, I would like to have my car paid off in full, when I’m 28 debt completely paid, and when I’m 30 years old I want to be able to make an downpayment for an house. The way i’m going to execute these things is by sacrificing through budgeting.


I’m 24 years old. My name is Keith West. And I join the US Marines Corps to serve and protect the American People. And If I could go back in time and change anything about my life or path i’ve taken, I wouldn’t. I love looking back and seeing all I’ve done in life.


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