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“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:13-14

Narrow: limited, little or not as wide as expected. That’s the meaning of the word narrow on dictionary.com.

Jesus tells us to enter through the narrow gate. What so important about this narrow gate? Why not enter into any gate? The narrow gate leads to life, any gate that is not narrow would be the wide gate, and the wide gate leads to death.

How narrow is too narrow? Narrow is narrow. You can’t make anything even more narrow. Narrow is as narrow it can get. Within the narrow gate, you are then narrow-minded and your life is very narrow shape. You yourself are narrow in all your ways. Since the gate is narrow and the road then be narrow.

We see it says small in the verse above. That word small is just another way of saying little or narrow. “Small is the gate and Narrow the road that leads to life.” OR “Narrow is the gate and Small is the road that leads to life.” Narrow is Small, Small is Narrow. There is no difference in the two words. “Enter through the Narrow Gate”.

The benefits of entering through the narrow gate are a few. One is them would be that its narrow. See if the gate and road are narrow, then the very path or the way we are traveling is straight. It’s hard to move left or right when your way or path is so narrow, so where else to go, but straight. If the gate and road are wide, there would be endless amount of space to travel on. You see opportunity here and there and all over. You end up turning left and then right and then left again. You pretty much have no sense of direction. You chase the wind into a pit. The Narrow gate leads you around the pit, while the wide gate leads you into the pit.

In high school. Students in 12 grade are searching for what college to go to. They are searching for what they want to do with their life. They always have that wide range of options they can choose from. From what college to go to. From what job to work at. What job to study in school so they can do that after high school. All them wide view of paths they can take. How many people that go to college really keep that job they desire to get? How many college drop-outs? How many people even make it on that path in reality? Even through they had that wide range of choices, none of them really find life, but each time destruction. “For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” It’s not just high school kids. Business, people personal life and nations even enter through that gate.

Jesus tells us to enter through the narrow gate. Said said, “Follow Me.” Think about that, just follow Jesus. That road leads to life. When our eyes are on Jesus. Our heart, mind and spirit is on the road that Jesus wants us to be on. We just need to follow Jesus. I never went to college. I rejected to go to college. I just didn’t feel it was the path that God wanted me to take. Now today, I’m in seminary and it cost me nothing. If I went on the wide path to college, I would be in debt. My life would be in destruction in my money situation status. Thanks to the narrow path of following Jesus. I am in school for free and I have way more than enough in the bank to live on. I was thinking other day to buy a house. I am only 20 years old.

The Narrow path is narrow, so don’t be surprised if your compressed or pressure. God’s main goal in your and my life is to mold us to be like Jesus. God wants his people to worship and thank him always even if we loss everything we have. I’ve been through and now am in what bible calls the “Valley of the Shadow of Death”. That sounds scary right. Trail is another word for it. Like Peter walking on water. Walk by Faith and not Sight. God is doing a mighty work with and in you and me each day. We may not understand why this or that happens, but we know he who began a work in you is faithful is complete that work in you. Just keep on pressing on, don’t move on and give up, but look up and trust God. It’s hard, I’m there today with you if your there also, but God is with us. Count your blessings,

1) Your alive today

2) God is by your side

3) and 4) and 5) and the rest of them you can add them to a piece of paper. God hasn’t forsaken you. Keep traveling the narrow path. It leads to life, life is victory and we have victory in Christ, whom has said, “I’m the way, truth and the life”.

Would you give up everything and start walking on the narrow path today? All you need to do is give your life to Jesus and allow him truly to lead you to life. He is the way to life and his way is truth and in truth we believe his way leads to life.

It’s your choice. Jesus gives you 2 roads you can travel. Road to death and road to life. The Road to death is enjoy all life has to offer then die without any real life at the end of the road. Or you can take the Road to Life and enjoy all Jesus has to offer to you in this world as you walk by faith, not sight, through the valley of the shadow of death. To get to life, must go through death, but to get to death you must go through life. To live you must die, to die you must live. A seed dies before the plant starts growing. Take the narrow path today. Enter through Jesus today.

“No one can get to the father in heaven, except through me” – Jesus. Therefore Jesus is the only way to be saved. The wide path gives many ways to be saved, the narrow path gives one way to be saved, Jesus.

One last add-on… Marriage is important to me lately and I would like to remind everyone. Don’t marry an unbeliever. Since we know that their way is wide and our way is narrow. Therefore, if they are heading down to destruction, they might lead you down with them in this life, off course not in the one to come, but please seek a believing spouse. A believing spouse by action, not words. Make sure they have a daily walk with God above all.

Follow Jesus today on the Narrow path.

Your choice…

Life or Death.

Narrow or Wide.

Heaven or Hell.

Follow Jesus or Reject Jesus