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Lately there has been over 50 deaths in the last week because of tornadoes. Many people are left with the question, “why?”. Where is God in all of this?

Before I answer you on them questions that many people are asking. I want to ask you something. Where are you in all of this? Why are you still denying God? Why are you still sinning? Why are you alive today? Why? Why is a important question word.

So here is my answer, why do you worship the devil? The one where makes these deathly things appear? Why do you blame God? He who is Holy? Can one who is Holy murder? One, the one who is unholy can murder, whom is the devil.

Maybe you’re a Christian. And you been hit with these tornadoes? Maybe your family lost someone who loved and served the lord greatly? Why did God allow this to happen?

The USA has rejected God. You kill babies that are unborn. God knew them before birth. And you ask, why did God do this to us? God is speaking to the nation, saying “Repent you evil doers”.

The States that once belong to Jesus, now belong to the devil. Texas is one of them. Churches everywhere, but where are the people of God? God just see’s a ton of evil doers grabbing on to a tradition. Watch out to say “AMEN!”. You who go to Church Sunday and live a life worthy of the devil and hell.

Wake up you evil doers. Stop questioning God and what he does, and question what you have been doing since birth. You want Peace in this nation. God is a God of Peace. First you just need his Grace in your Life.

Grace and Peace unto you. In most of Paul’s letters in the bible. Before you can know the peace of God, you have to receive the Grace of God.

Know the Grace

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