Question of the Week (Week 3)

When looking at the world around us, what do you think is next?


My Answer, I think the church around the world is about to rise up. I really think that the church in the USA is about to go through an Major World Wide Revival.

What Ya’ll Think?


Making a Successful Budget

God gave us Money us a resource, here is an post to expend on that….

Wouldn’t you love a way to make money, but not have to clock into work at 9am each morning to make that money? Hey I was in the same boat your in not so long ago. In this small book, I’m going to share some tips on what you could do to make extra money to the side.calculator-calculation-insurance-finance-53621.jpeg


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Government Shutdown (Psalm 9)

pexels-photo-129112.jpegGovernment Shutdown (Psalm 9)


Yesterday was the US Government Shutdown. Last time this happened, the shutdown lasted 13 days. This time it’s happening and people in the military are wondering if they will see their pay check on this next pay day, which is 10 days away. One side blames the other side in all this mess, because no deal can be made. I’ve been watching and looking into the news on this government shutdown, because I am an US Marine and this government shutdown effects me and my brothers and sisters in the Corps. So, what does any of this have to do with Psalm 9? You came to get a Bible study lesson, not an recent news lesson. I want to point out a few things within Psalm 9 that is related to a Nation that no longer wants God in the picture. Continue reading

Real Truth in Real Time

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been on lately with the Psalm devotions. School and work, have been wow this past week.

I wanted to talk about something really fast. We all know about the preachers who live in million dollar houses, fly jets and just live like kings.We can almost look at them and just think, “What, Why is that preacher living like that? Why isn’t he giving all that money to the poor or towards ministry?” Jesus said that we need to stop looking at other people and look at ourselves.

I want us to look at ourselves for a minute. Let look at where we live. Our houses with A/C and Heaters, an kitchen, back yard, electricity and the House it self without all that is a master piece.

Now Look at other places like India and Africa, No A/C, No Heater, No Kitchen, they never heard of an back yard, and we got water, we play in water, they don’t got water. In some places water is like gold.pexels-photo-462358.jpeg traditional-african-houses


We are Rich people. Before we point the finger at those preachers with nicer houses then us and with jets, we need to see were we stand on the scale. How much do we weight?


India VS USA… $1 = 64 Indian Rupee

Africa VS USA… $1 = 360.00 Nigerian Naira (One of the states of Africa)

Me and you are wealthy people in the worlds eyes. We can’t be looking at these millionaire preachers and try pass judgement on them. When we  ourselves are pretty much in the same shoe there wearing.




Question of the Week (Week 2)


I know it’s Friday, little late in the week for this. But Yet’s reflect on the most important question of them all. As we enter into 2018, what are you doing to keep a close relationship with GOD?

So For me personally, I find that as I keep on posting an new devotional on this website, it helps me keep my eyes in the word and not in the world. Also, I turn on worship music whenever I have an chance to. Lets face it, 2017 was the year, busy busy year, we just got through the most busiest time of the year, christmas and new years. It’s time for some of us to finish the school year, others may have started an new job. Life can get busy, but lets not get so busy that simply turning on christian music throughout the day is no longer an option.

So, I would love to Hear your Answer below, What are you doing this year to stay close to GOD?

The Best Investment I Ever Made


The Best Investment I Ever Made


As a kid I would go around cutting grass for $20, most kids did that until the world got more dangerous. When I got older, I took business classes in school, because I didn’t really know what I was going to do in life, I thought, maybe start a business, you need money to live in this world and business makes money. That was my thinking. I remember at the end of 12th grade staying up all night, trying to make an business plan to destroy the world largest retailer, Walmart. Continue reading

1 Samuel (9) Pt. 1 | Hannah’s Vow- Samuel’s Prophecy (Ch.1-3)

Inside Cup

The next book of the Bible we will covering begins Israel’s desire to be like everyone else.

They wanted a king.

If there could be an overall theme here, I think it would be obedience. We will see obedience in Samuel’s mother, and later her son Samuel. David’s obedience. But we will also see disobedience from the first king, Saul, and Eli’s sons.

The book of Samuel, originally, was one whole book but has been broken into two parts, thus 1st Samuel and 2nd Samuel. The Greek title means, “Books of Kingdoms.”

Consisting of 31 chapters, let’s begin. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 8.06.46 PM Ch. 1 – Hannah’s Vow

A man named Elkanah had two wives, and his favorite wife, Hannah was barren. Her rival, the other wife, always provoked her and made her miserable.

When Elkanah would go to the house of the Lord and sacrifice. He would give his family, afterward, a portion…

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What is Mankind that God knows about us? (Psalm 8)

What is Mankind that God knows about us? (Psalm 8)


Think about space for a minute. Earth is floating in space right now, not just that, earth is inside the milky way galaxy. Which is one of billions galaxies in space. Our galaxy is 100,000 light-years across, according to this article. If I remember correctly, 1 light-year is 600,000 miles. 600,000 * 100,000 is 6.E10. That is our galaxy alone. There are billions more in all shapes and sizes. Not to forget, a big empty spot in space. Know with that in Mind…

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First Newest Thing

So, part of the 2018 year, one thing I wanted to do was to find away to bring in financial resources. So I added an donation link on the menu bar.

The reason behind trying to raise financial resources…

I travel the states and preach the gospel. I buy bibles and give them to people. I buy other things to, like stamps, to stamp the ministry website onto the app. Along with doing those things, I give money to people who truly are in need and recently started planting bible studies. The first bible study was mint to be a church plant. The 2nd bible study that i’m currently planting is just an bible study, nothing to big. The reason finances be nice for the bible study is for study resources that we can give to people. Along with those things, this website cost little money to, the (.org) cost some money. I would also like to get this website more engaging, but that is going to cost little money to.

Two ways you can Help this me spread the gospel are..

  1. Donation… Easy click away, just put what you like to give and send
  2. I am partnering with a free drop-shiper, I just got to pay for the store front… I got a bunch of Christ Centered Products at …. All Profit will go directly towards Reaching People for Christ. Mostly Bibles and a Bible Study.

This is Part 1 of the Newest of 2018.

Bad Stuff Just Keeps Happening (Psalm 7)

Bad Stuff Just Keeps Happening (Psalm 7)


I love driving. I work for UBER now, because I love it so much. I wanted to be an truck driver, but I didn’t want to go to the school for 4 weeks without pay. Driving, I love it. I’m an professional when it comes to driving, well except that one time. Sometimes I get these tickets. You know the camera tickets. If you do an right turn on an red light, the camera snaps a picture of your car. I earn that ticket. Now picture this in your mind. pexels-photo-167755.jpegYour following all the driving laws and an cop pulls you over, makes something up and gives you an ticket, would that make you mad? The fact is, this happens to us all the time, but not with driving, but with just everyday life. Are you currently in that state right now in life, that it just seems like your doing everything right, but all this bad stuff keeps happening to you?
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