Values & Norms

I’m currently working on a Criminal Justice Degree. I’m taking Sociology at a non-christian school. I wrote this and I thought to share it with ya’ll. Enjoy!

According to the Introduction to Sociology, Language is a “spoken and written set of symbols that people of a culture use to communicate with one another”. Language can be seen as a hidden code among people groups, in my personal view.  Values could count among the hidden code of people groups, as Introduction to Sociology as define it as “culturally defined standards that people use to decide what is desirable, good, and beautiful and that serve as broad guidelines for social living”, in the simplest form it’s the laws that the people group of created and all agree upon to follow, like not stealing. Norms is another component of a people group, they aren’t laws, but they are natural expected of the people within a group to live by. One norm in Texas is holding the door open for people, while in New York City you may not do that as a Norm. Introduction to Sociology defines Norms as, “Standards of Behavior”. Food is another great component of Culture. Intro. To Sociology defines Food as, “kinds of items eaten and the way they are prepared” All these component of culture help shape our world around us. And it all starts with the family. Continue reading


Core Truth’s of the Christian Faith

Real fast I want to talk about Basic Truth. What do you and I believe concerning Jesus, Bible and Prayer? I’m going to give you a very foundation to the Christian Faith, any true Christian Denomination would believe at least these few Core Values of the Christian Faith. In saying that, if your Church’s faith system doesn’t have these has a foundation of their structure, then they are not a Christian Based Faith, they are just another religion heading to hell. Continue reading