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I thought that my ministry school essay might teach other people – Keith West – Student of CLI and Co- Founder/Preacher of Only Way Ministry (How am I both student and preacher? Just have to read my testimony, go to “Our Book” tab above).

Pastoral Care & Marriage

It just so happens that right when I begin this course, my own relationship with my most wonderful girlfriend headed down the road of death. So much I learn why over the last few months taking this course and so much conviction from it to. I didn’t think I would even make it throw the class, because I found myself crying my eyes out. I really screw up my relationship with my girl and now today she no longer speaks to me. I don’t give up through and I keep in prayer daily, even hourly that she will return and I can use what I have learned from this class to help me have a successful relationship with her.


Marriage is lowering more and more as time goes on. More people think it’s just an old thing that people in pass generations did. Divorce is at 50% nation wide. People more and more are giving up at marriage as time goes on. Most people have got used to dating and breaking up, that by time their married, a divorce would be easy for them. It wouldn’t mean anything to them.

Within any relationship, we should never give up and move on. We need to look up at God and press on. That’s my own new saying, since my relationship fail through. I’m not giving up, I’m just looking up to God and I won’t move on, I’m going to press on. God doesn’t delight in divorce, why then should he delight in a dating relationship break up? God doesn’t delight in any break up. He is close to the broken-hearted, as the bible somewhere says. He cares for them, because he loves all people.

Marriage is the reflection of Christ and the church. Christ being the leader and the church being the follower. The Husband being leader and the Wife following. At the same time, their both a team together. Christ and the church both on a mission to reach the world. Christ did his part in that relationship and the church is called to go forth and do her part in the relationship. The husband does his part and the wife does her part in the relationship. The part’s are given by example, leader and follower, as a team.

There is a small mis-understanding that the husband is to rule over the wife as a king, since Jesus is a king, but the way that the Husband needs to lead the wife is by serving her, not bossing her around like a servant. I admit, that is exactly where I mess up at in my own relationship. I was bossing her around when came to reading the bible and doing our ministry together. I look back and I feel so terrible. Reason I cry, because I had no idea and it’s simple to late to fix it. My pastor teach this topic in away that sounded this way, but now I see the truth and I’m thankful for seeing the truth now.

We as men have got to uplift our wife daily. Just tell them their pretty and they smell good. Always try to find the best in our wife that we are greatly under serving to have reserved from God. We also have to thank God. He made us this amazing creation out of our own flesh. She not from another world. She from our own flesh. As Adam said that Eve was “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” in Genesis 2:23. We need to respect our wife because they are not only our own, but they are our own body. It is written, “they will become one flesh”.

Marriage wasn’t design for men and men, woman and woman, human and animal or anything that is not men and woman relationship. God didn’t design marriage to be Adam and Steve, as my pastor and many other ministry might have said. Same sex marriage should never be acted upon in marriage. The bible says it, “a men will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife”. As the time gets closer to the coming of Christ, all truth will be twisted and wicked acts will grow more and more as if they are righteous acts.

A men and a woman will become one as Genesis 2 states. There is no place where it talks about people being one with animals being okay. There is no place where it says the same-sex become one with same-sex, men with men and woman with woman is not biblical. Those wicked acts display before God will only cause the wrath of God to be display in the end times, sadly to note.

Pastoral Care

In Pastoral Care areas of our ministry we need to be completely humbled with people as we gently talk to them. Be patient with people and stay away from non-spiritual or non-faith based counsel with people. By law and by our own faith we claim, we can not share anything that we are told with other people. The only time is if the person is a kid and they say something that might be life threatening towards the child. Also, if someone admits to a crime, we might have to report. This topic is depending on state laws of the keep people information secret laws.

Above all, Pastoral Care is mainly we as the minister comes in the name of the Lord and he need to be here to listen more than talk, to people and to pray for God to give wisdom to the people we are reaching.

There some few in-between details on registering in a hospital, but showing the love of Christ and reaching the needing people and helping people find hope in dark times. That’s  what pastoral care all about.

Sum up

To end off, the class convicted me of my relationship. Was a big slap to my face. I am grateful I learn what I learn. Next time, I’ll serve her.

God has already been placing in spots where I help people fix their own relationship, because of this class. It was at a fast food place and the worker, young teenager was talking about his girl friend not replying back. I felt bad, because of my own relationship falling through, couldn’t let the same happen to that young guy. This class was a blessing, thank you CLI.

Out of the essay

Ashley Vizzard, my  X Girl friend is and always will be the most amazing woman I’ve ever meet. I want to thank her publically to all 22 nations that connect to our face-book page and twitter and etc. Thank You Ashley and where-ever you are and whatever your up to, Only Way Ministry miss our Co-Founder of this ministry. You made the most amazing devotionals and I miss reading them. I beat the 22 nations mess them to. I hope I get to see my Pass Queen once again as my present and future Queen again one day. I’m sorry I talked bad about your family and dad and I really miss up. I speak this publically everyone. I, a preacher, preached himself to the pit of losing his queen. Hope to serve you one day Ashley. God Bless You. Greatest Blessing ya and please pray God uses Ashley greatly. 😉 to ASHLEY VIZZARD. Her lips speak wisdom. Her heart speaks Love of GOD. The Greatest Blessing ever.

Well, there ya go. Got to get going. God Blesssssss ya all