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I was listening to NF and this Poem came into my mind… (I’m on Christian Mingle and girls look at my profile and never reply, so I wrote this, after hearing an NF song)


You say your looking christian men,

So I send you a message,

You view my page and say nothing,

It leaves me wondering,

What you saw that you not liking,


I’m not sure,

What exactly are you looking for,

I spent the last 8 years when my knees to the floor,

I try to live according to the way of the Lord,

All my friends

Say i’m an Godly men


Maybe it’s my face,

Do I not look good?

Maybe it’s your taste

I don’t know


I tell my story,

How God took me to glory,

How I done down to nothing,

And God lifted me again to something,

Is that not convincing?


All I have to say,

Is it sure okay,

Because there will come a day,

When Jesus takes away everything,


So Single or Mingle,

I still have a jingle

That Jesus Christ is forever faithful!


Personally, I think if your on an dating website, at-least reply to everyone one time, you never can tell who they truly are by just viewing the profile.

What do you think?