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Privacy and Terms

Identity Keith West, the creator requesting the user of apps created by Keith for email, password, username, birthday, age, location, permission for the app to send notifications to your phone, email, phone number by text, along with the understanding that all in app messages are viewable by the admin of the app for security and safety of the use of the app against scammers who try to use the app for fraudulent objectives. Credit Card information collected by the app will be processed by Stripe. A copy of Stripe’s Terms and Privacy are right here at this link Privacy Policy ( Accepting to this Terms and Privacy, when you submit a payment you also are accepting the Terms and Privacy policy given by Stripe. We do not sell your data to 3rd parties. You do accept your data to be part of advertising to receive more users. At any time you are able to request your data be deleted off the app. 

Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to have an account on any of our help for their personal safety. If they are found to have an account, their email and username will be banned from the account for 7 years. A parent will have to make an account under their own name if they wish for their child or children to be part of the account for whatever reason. 

Many of our apps will have oauth consent from google and facebook. They will also have API’s from many sources. As we add in new API’s into our apps, this terms and privacy policy will be updated to show which API’s with which companies we are using from within the app and a link to the API’s information page. 

  1. OAuth consent screen (Google) – In the process of being set up. We are using this inorder to allow users to login to the apps using their google consent screen. For more information about Google OAuth consent screen you can see this link Learn about authentication & authorization  |  Google Workspace for Developers  |  Google Developers.
  2. Google Geolocation API – Depending on the app your using the location feature might show your full address to represent a business or event or a City, State, and Country to represent the area a user is living in, this is for safety. We never give away user information without user consent, by putting your location into the apps, you are authorizing consent because you accepted this terms and privacy policy. At any time you are able to request your location or data is deleted off the app. For more information about this API you can go to this link Google Maps Platform Documentation  |  Geocoding API  |  Google Developers

For security measures all data is collected and stored on adolo’s website. Adalo is a 3rd party app builder we use in creating these apps. Their terms and privacy policy is right here: Adalo. We delete all accounts off the app yearly that are not active to prevent the data from being hacked or stolen. We also have a password system set up for each user. Our password for the Adalo account will change periodically for safety and security. 

Message from the Creator, Keith West,

If you happen to download one of our apps, sign up on one of our platforms. I want to ensure you that your information is not being sold to any 3rd parties. Your data is safe with our website. I have ‘safe’ in mind with the data we receive from users across our platforms and mobile apps. Thanks for being part of this online community of believers!

Terms of Use

By using our apps and platforms, you agree to uphold respect for others and not scamming people using our app. You also agree to use the apps and our platform for their intended use, by not doing so could get your account deleted without notice.

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