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Salvation’ Can You Lose It? (Study of Salvation- Intro)

Disclaimer: As you’re reading this, you might get a feeling that I’m pentecostal or just out of my mind. When I first came to christ I was checking out different denominations and it just happened when I wrote this study, I was checking out the Pentecostal Denomination. So I speak weird in this bible study. If you are wondering where I stand, I associate myself with the Non-Denominational Denomination of the Christian Church.

Did you know that there are people within the faith that believe that you could lose your salvation? Did you know that there are also people within the faith that believe you can’t lose your salvation? Did you know both groups of people can back up their stand on salvation using the bible? That leaves one final question, is the bible false?

“’Salvation’- Can you lose it?”. In the Bible Study, we will see the differences between each teaching. We will learn why each teaching is in the bible. We will learn which teaching is true to the Christian faith. This is an important topic, the church should or has to understand the meaning of salvation. God’s word is not to take lightly.

There is one thing I want to ask you. Come with a humble heart and not in pride. Explore both sides of the argument with me. 


When I first came to faith, I was young, a youth, still exploring the bible and trying to understand what I was reading. Here is what happened. I went up against the baptist church I grew up at. When I went up against this church, I was found to be wrong. God spoke deeply in my spirit and said, “Stop”. Why did I go up against that church? Well, the love of my life at the time, my girlfriend was going to a pentecostal church at the time and her pastor led me to believe that you can lose your salvation. 

In those days, my spirit grew weary and I started thinking about this pastor for months. I knew both teachings are in the bible, but I truly had no clue which one was true for the Christians. I was reading a passage in the Bible, that I’ll share soon. Reading that one passage, made me confident, that this one teaching was true.

Two weeks later, I was asking myself, “If this teaching is true, then what’s up with this other teaching, why is it there?”. The bible is the true word of God, so all the bible must be true. How then could something that is true contradict itself? Since God is holy and true and nothing false in him, then the bible which is his word must be holy and true and nothing false found in it. So leaves me with my last final question, where did this other teaching come from? Why is it in the bible? God gave me some verses and passages through the spirit and  I found the right answer to my questions.