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Did you know that there are people within the faith that believe that you could loss your salvation? Did you know that there are also people within the faith that believe you can’t loss your salvation? Did you know they can all back up their belief using the bible or the translated word of God? Did you know, almost half of the church beliefs one of these and the other half beliefs the other? That leaves one finally question, is the bible false?

“’Salvation’- Can you loss it?”. In the sermon series, we will see differences between each teaching. We will learn why each teaching is in the bible. We will learn which teaching is true to the christian faith. This is an important topic, that the church may understand the meaning of salvation. God word is not to take lightly, so please join us each week here to learn about salvation.

Ask of you one thing. Come with humble heart’s and not in pride. Get rid of all the salvation teachings you have been taught in the pass and look forward to learning what is truth.

Background into my pass on this topic.

I went up against the entire church, in which denominational I will not say right now. When I went up against this church, I was found to be wrong. God spoke deeply in my spirit and said, “Stop”. Why did I go up against that church? Another denominational church, their pastor lead me to believe one of these teaching’s.

Recently, my spirit grew weary and I started thinking about this pastor for months. I knew both teaching’s are in the bible, but I truly had no clue which one was true. I was reading a passage in an unknown book in the bible, that I’ll share soon. Reading that one passage, made me confident, that this one teaching was true.

Two weeks later, I was asking myself, “If this teaching is true, then what’s up with this other teaching, why is it there?”. The bible is the true word of God, so all the bible must be true. How then could something that true contradict (Go Against) itself. Since God is holy and true and nothing false in him, then the bible which is his word must be holy and true and nothing false found in it. So leaves me to my last finally question, where does this other teaching come from? Why is it in the bible? God gave me some verses and passages throw the spirit and  I found the right answer to this questions.

False teaching is big. If your in false teachings, watch out and read this sermon series, “’Salvation’- Can you loss it?”.

(We don’t associate with another denomination. We believe the bible is true, we don’t pick and choose.)