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Sin (Study of James- Part 10)

Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.” James 1:21

The way we live our lives as Christian can affect the way people view Christ. 24/7, the world looks at how we live our life. If we live it the way Christ would live it or the devil would live it.

There are many things that for some reason people hate to hear, including Christian people, which I don’t understand. What the main thing is, that God, whom is perfect in his being, doesn’t want sin to rule in our life. He gave us a law that explains clearly what sin is.

I have a question…

  • Why do we as Christian still live in sin? 

We are to “shine as light to the world”, Jesus said that. Therefore, that bible tells us how to live.

  1. Get rid of “ALL” (meaning, everything) moral filth (meaning all wrong and ungodliness that we have that is not of Christ). Most preachers would see it as just all words, that are evil to say to another, but for me, I feel God is saying, everything that is not of Christ, to get rid of it all. 

Why? So we can shine as light to this dark and lost world.

  1. Receive the Word in you humbly. I must say, this is hard to do, but stop thinking about how you can help yourself, but help others. 

The Word can save you. Your actions can show who Christ is to others. You could be the only Christian anyone ever meets. How are you going to live your life each day? Like the devil that has sin pouring down like rain or like Christ, that is caring and without sin pouring down?

I and you will always have sin, but we will have the choice to use the sin, or not to use the sin. What is your Choice? To use it or not to use it. “Be Holy for God is Holy” (says somewhere in the bible).