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Have you ever heard of the stages of the christian life? How about stages of the human life? Your born, you’re a baby, you’re a kid, than a youth, then you’re an adult and then you’re an old person and then you’re an dead person in the grave yard to turn back to dust. What does it matter? We live, we die and the trip happens to the next generation. It in a way makes life worthless in even living. We all end up living to do the something, live and die. What if there was more to life than just live and die, how about die and live?

In Matthew 5:1-12, Jesus starts his sermon with this “Blessed are…” message of comfort to the church that he is calling forth to repentance. We see that we as the church are the blessed people of God, but lets dig deeper into these “Blessed are” verses and see what we can find deeper about the church and who we are mint to be.

Jesus starts with  “The Poor In Spirit” people. Who are these? Those are people who know that they are spiritual in debt to God. They understand that there is nothing we can do to earn our way to God in heaven. They understand their road is hell after this life and they live life in poor spirit of sadness and depression knowing that their sin keeps them from God. because of that, They are those “Who Mourn”. They cry out to God for forgiveness of their sins and They are “Comforted” and forgiven and “Theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.

Verses 3-4 are the key verses of the salvation trip of the people of God. Jesus points out that his true people will cry out for forgiveness and be saved. That the church will be a “Poor in Spirit” people. People that understand that they can not earn their way to heaven, that they must cry out for forgiveness. That we all must repent. Because the “Poor in Spirit” people “Mourn”, “They will be Comforted” and “Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”.

Now Jesus calls the church for more than mourning, but for growing. We need to be a “Meek” people that do the right thing and show the love of God’s Grace and Marcy in our lives by how we live.

To be meek, is to be low. To humble yourself. Even if you’re the president, go clean the bathrooms in your own business. Go pick up trash on the high way. Change your pay to min. wage. You think I’m joking, I’m not. I did it, you can to. People will see Christ in your life if you humble yourself. Later on in the future, when Jesus returns, we the “Meek” will “inherit the earth” for 1000 years with Jesus. We will be King’s and Maters and rulers over all the land. How amazing. But we need to humble ourselves now. God can also uplift you today in this time. God calls his people to Humble themselves.

Have you ever had a burning desire to be just like Jesus? I have and still do. My number 1 desire is to be Christ-like. That should be every Christian’s desire, to be Christ-like. To many of us look to be life famous people on TV today, but we forget about being like God. They pure one. Your blessed if your hungry and thirsting for Righteousness, because your be filled with it. Not now, but it’s within due time, but never stop seeking it. In the bible and prayer and living your life. Remember in due time. So, now is the time to start seeking the Righteousness of God. Seek and you will find.

Verse 6 is related to verses 7-8. When we Hunger and Thirst for righteousness, then we will be showing Mercy to the undeserving. Our Heart won’t be seeking evil things. “Pure” is a would meaning Holy or apart from sin. Our Hearts need to be connected on the will of God and his way. These 2 thing’s are big when comes to rather or not we are really seeking righteousness.

God is a God of peace, so if he has kids, then them kids must be kids of Peace. It only makes sense. So if we claim to be Christians. We claim to also be kids of peace. Since our God is a God of peace. Therefore we claim to be Peacemakers, since God himself is a peacemaker. God made peace with Us through Jesus Christ on the cross. Jesus death brought peace between Mankind and God 2000 years ago.

Are you and I peacemakers? That an important question to ask, because it’s who God has made us to be. But are we who we are to be? Do we daily bring peace to problems? Have we bring peace into the problem that is between us and God? The number one war that we as Christians makes peace happen in is the war between us and God. We as Christians get that calling to turn to Christ daily to peace with God through Jesus. And then go forth bringing others to peace with God and being peacemakers. So are we peacemakers? Some are, others aren’t. We all need to be. Are you a peacemaker?

Now for the Christian that seeks God’s will daily and desires to live a life that is Godly and Right with God, they will be persecuted. Don’t mater if you live in USA or china, get ready because persecution is coming on your. If your die then say hello to heaven, because that is your reward.

In the mist of trouble times for Christians that under-go persecution in many forms. We are called to “REJOICE AND BE GLAD”. That they last reaction, but that’s the first commandment to the church. To Rejoice and be glad. Why? Because you know your saved. You know your going to heaven. You know that heaven is your inheritance from God. You know you are blessed.

Now where are the stages of the Christian life?

We start of being the people poor in spirit. Who grow in humble living. Showing mercy to all people. Being peacemakers and rejoicing even unto death. We enter into the faith as nothing, but die for something.

The big question through is, are we the people of God that this passage talks about?

This week humble yourself and show mercy and love. Live a life for Christ, not for yourself.