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Revelations – Part 3

The first 5 chapters are kind of like an introduction to the end times. John is on the Island and he sees Jesus and can Jesus takes him up into Heaven and John sees the Throne of God. He gets 7 letters for 7 different churches. It’s pretty much an amazing sight to see and one day we all will get to see this same thing. These four living creatures are real and Jesus is real. The 24 elders and their thrones are real. Everything we read about what literally real stuff that actually exists. Now after this point, we will read things that are wild and some stuff is real and other stuff is not real, but they have meanings behind them. Let’s explore the Scroll with 7 seals on them today and see what we can learn about this 7 seal scroll.  

So Jesus is the one opening the scroll. Jesus is the “Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David”. Remember that Lion Living Creature, it possible it a representative of Jesus being the Lion of the Tribe of David. All of Chapter 5 is saying exactly this, that Jesus is alone worthy to open the scroll and the seals on the scroll and to look inside it. 

When we get to Chapter 6 we read about each seal being open. As these seals are opening, it’s progressing to the next. So the whole world will experience these things in the end time. These things also will happen when? Remember, Rev. 4:1, “I will show you what must take place after this”. What is the “After this” referring to. It’s referring to the Church Age. 

Seal 1 – White Horse – This Horse Repersents Conquering through War. We see this all through history, but in the End Times, it will be very progressive. China for example is trying hard to take over everyone they can in this world. 

Seal 2 – Red Horse – Peace will be taken from the world and we will see more and more people kill each other. This is happening at a rapid speed in the world. BLM kills people all the time when they protest. We also got people killing Uber Drivers. Just last week my own cousin was murder in cold blood on her couch by her own friend. So hate for others will increase at this seal. 

Seal 3 – Black Horse – The World’s Economy will crash. Not just on Economy System, but this will be a Global Economy Crash. We are watching this play out right now as many nations are trying to revalue their currency and people turning to Crypto Currency to protect their money. COVID19 helped increase this Seal. 

Seal 4 – Pale Horse – At this Seal, we will see Wars, Famine, Pesilitines, and Wild Beasts killing people, but this will increase rapidly. We will hear about these things happening all the time. 

Question… Looking at the world, do you see these things happening? But as they are happening it’s like they are increasing every day? 

Seal 5 – Church Global Persecution – This been happening for 2000 years, but in the End Times the whole world will purely hate the church. Even here in the USA the church is under attack. Recently a Marine Corp Officer had to testify to congress not to classify Christians as Extremist. This is a nation built on Christian values and faith. Now turning its back on the Church. 

Seal 6 – I don’t know how to call this seal. We got a Great Earthquake, the Sun doing a Solar Eclipse, a Blood Moon, Stars falling from the sky, which is a picture of asteroids hitting the earth. It shows people hiding under the rocks, this reminds me of how people who are scared of an alien invasion or an end-of-world type thing playing out, these people actually make unground homes and store can food in these underground homes. The sky rolling up like a scroll could be referring to pollution covering up the sky and taking away the sight of the stars. During this seal, the earth and space will be giving a sign to mankind that the end is near. Mountains moving from its place. The Earth is speaking. We are seeing things like all these today at rapid speed. 

Important to Note: Jesus has not returned yet at this point. 

Rapture? Revelation 7

After the 6th Seal is open, John saw another vision. He saw four angels that were sent to harm the earth, but before the Angels harm the earth, they are sent to put a Seal on the 144,000 Jews, that is Revelations 7:1-9. After this, we then get to Revelations 7:9-17 and the church is standing in Heaven at the Throne of God. Verse 9 clearly states that the Church is “standing before the throne”. 

So could this be the Rapture taking place after the 6th Seal? The Topic of the Rapture is widely debated in the church. So I can’t take a stand on this topic, but this could be a Rapture Situation happening. God Raptures the Church and then punishes the world by sending the 4 Angels to harm the world. 

This is in fact the Rapture happening. As we examine this chapter there are a few key points, but one of the most major key points we can see is the “4 Angels”. The 4 Angels are sent after Rapturing the Church, but in Revelation 8:13, during the 7th Seal, at the 6th Trumpet, the 4 angels are sent. The Trumpets are sounding off during the Tribulation. In Revelations 7:14 it says, “These are the ones coming out of the Great Tribulation”. These referring to the Church.  

Seal 7 – The Great Tribulation – There is a Misconception about the Great Tribulation. Many believe it’s 7 years. They take that from the 7 years of the Covenant with many. Half is a time of world peace and the other half is a bad war that the world tries to destroy Israel. The Great Tribulation is 3 ½ years long. It’s the 7th Seal. 

How do we know for Sure that the Great Tribulation is 3 ½ years. Jesus said called the time after the Abomination of Desolation, which is the middle of the 7 years, Jesus calls this 2nd half the Great Tribulation in Matthew 24:21. This 7 year period has meaning names. One name is the “70th Week of Jacob”. We read about it in Daniel 9. This chapter we will talk about later in this study. The most basic understanding of this would be that God is going to be dealing with the Jewish people again. 

The 7th Seal has 7 Trumpets and we will talk about these 7 Trumpets in the next Bible Study. Be sure to subscribe and stay connected!