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Read Matthew 3

There has been some debate in the church of who or what John was. Some say he was a Prophet, others say he was a Apostle, others don’t know what to call him. I don’t think he was a Prophet or an early Apostle, but a bridge maker. He connected the old testament and new testament and therefore, “Prepare the way for the Lord”. There was a gap in history and John was a bridge man, to“Make straight paths for him”, {‘Him’ as in the Lord Jesus}.

 There is so much we can learn from John. How he lived his life and how he lay down his life. How he gave his all in all, his everything, for the Gospel of Jesus. How he was Bold enough to tell Pharisees off and to tell the people of Israel of a new way of salvation. John truly make history in the christian living.

 John teaches the very heart of the Gospel. That we need to living our faith out. “The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.”. ‘Trees’ are people and ‘Tree’ is person. The fruit is referring to Godly Love for one another, and growing up into a Godly person for the Lord. Walking away from Sin and chasing after holiness, that is only when you repent and turn to Jesus, Jesus needs to be your center piece of your life, before you start trying to bear fruit. Anyone who doesn’t receive Jesus, and bear fruit will get sent to hell, which is the lake of fire.

 Not only did his teaches it he lived it. He humble himself by wearing clothes “made of camel’s-hair and he had a leather belt around his waist. His food was locusts and wild honey.”. He sure did not live like a king, most likely he was a homeless man. He gave away his very life, to do that Lord’s will for his life. Men only if people now a days would do that. These day people are focus on ME ME ME, and Not God God God. Sad to say but a lot of christians are self-centered. Maybe John came to show the Church, “Look guys, this is how you need to live. Giving God the Glory.”. The Mission of the Church is Glorification to GOD.

 John had a name, he was “John the Baptist”. He preached the Word, he lived the Word and he baptized people, by the Word. His life was centered on the Word, so the living WORD came to him on day. Jesus came to get baptized by John and John didn’t want to, but it was to be done to fulfill all righteousness, Jesus humble himself. That moment of Jesus humbling himself, God the father uplifted Jesus above all mankind and say, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased”.

Few things we learn from this…

      • Christians need to be Humble, Jesus humble himself below John and John below all mankind, he was homeless. So John humble himself below the world, then Jesus humble himself below John. Very humble acts Jesus and John display. We need to be humble.

      • Christians need to live our faith. We need to love and bear fruit “keeping with repentance”.

      • Last, Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus is the Messiah.