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Jesus came preaching,

one of his sermons,

when an leader of the synagogue,

came crying,

My daughter is dead,

but come and lay your hand,

and I know she will live,

So Jesus stop what he was doing,

to serve another person,

to be hope and light of this broken,

world that night,

And follow the men,

to his land,

As Jesus was on his way,

a woman came,

into his path way,

an appointment was made,

see this woman had been subjecting,

to 12 years of bleeding,

so she reach out her hand,

hoping and believing,

that one touch on Jesus,

will hand all her suffering,

Just then Jesus turn,

he saw her,

and said, “Your faith has healed you daughter”,

When Jesus got to the house,

he heard music playing around around,

Jesus told everyone,

the girl is only asleep,

they laugh at him,

no one was believing,

not even seeking,

God to do something,

But Jesus went in,

took the little girl by the hand,

she got up from the land of the dead,

news spread about him,

all over the east land,

go read about it in Matthew 9,

this is on my heart tonight.