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“She and her daughters-in-law prepared to leave the land of Moab, because she had heard in Moab that the Lord had paid attention to His people’s need by providing them food.” Ruth 1:6

We saw that this time period was a time of oppression and famine. Can we really blame Naomi for looking around and seeing her troubles in life? Sons and Husband are dead, during a time that having men was needed. In those days men were the bead winners. Men took care of the woman. 

While we are walking through this season of singleness, loneliness, depression, and death at times, what can we learn from Naomi’s life to help us push forward in our personal life, to see the greater good in all the trouble that life might bring?

The Lord Pays Attention 

In a time of famine and oppression, the Lord still provided for his people. It says that back in Naomi’s homeland, the Lord started providing her people food. This could most likely be a harvest of corp being produced on farmland. Verse 22 says it was the beginning of the barley harvest. So God provides for his people in these famine seasons of life. When we look at our season of singleness, how has God provided for you during this season? The answer depends on the person, it could be from teaching you lessons, giving you friends, giving you a mission. God will fill you in this season. Just look for his hand. 

When I was 20, I went through a break-up from a 4-year-old relationship. God provided, by giving me a manager job, took my mind off the break-up, he also brought a lot of financial pain in my life, really took my mind off the break-up, but put my mind on money management, which both of those things actually made me into a better future husband. So in these times of famine, look around, how has God provided? 

Do you think that God is paying attention to you today? While we are searching for Love and trying to make sense of our singleness, how about we start to look around at all the ways God has provided for us during our singleness. How about we also remember how much love God has for us while we are in this season of doubt. God has not forgotten about you. He will remember you in due time.