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The Woman, The Dragon, and the Two Beast – (Part 1) – Revelation – Part 6

If we don’t understand this, we won’t understand anything in the book of Revelation. Who is this woman and who is the Dragon that we are reading about in Revelations 12? Maybe your know, that is awesome, but this passage has deeper information that we need to understand and I would like to dive deep into this chapter and I also want to dive deep into both the two Beasts. The Woman, Dragon, and Beast all go together, but the way the bible got put together, they look separated. 

Let’s dumb this up…

The Woman – Israel 

The Dragon – The Devil

The First Beast – One World Government 

The Second Beast – The False Prophet (Believed to be the Pope)

Explained – Chapter 12

The Woman – Israel 

Verse 1 – Woman clothed with the Sun, the Moon under her feet, and a Crown of 12 stars. The Crown of 12 stars refers to the 12 tribes of Israel. I’m not sure why the Sun and Moon are in this prophecy, but I’m sure that there is a reason for the sun and the moon. It reminds me of the old testament story of Joseph having the dreams that the Sun, Moon, 11 stars bowing down to him. It could very well be pointing towards that event and we are now seeing the completion of it in this story in Revelation. That Story is in Genesis 37. 11 stars, because Joseph and his 11 brothers where were the 12 tribes begin at, sort of. You can read about the 12 tribes in the 12 tribes message on Jesus Alone Saves. 

Verse 2 – This is the Birth of Jesus. Jesus came from the People of Israel. 

The Dragon – The Devil 

Verse 3 – Seven Heads (Most likely Countries) Ten Horns (Most Likely Leaders) So In these 7 Countries, we will see 10 leaders. It also says that each head has a diadem. A diadem is a Crown. This makes sense, because, in Daniel 7, 3 of the 10 horns are uprooted and the small little horn rises up. So Now this verse is saying seven heads 10 horns. So there must be a merge of countries going on when those 3 horns get uprooted, in the future. The Anti-Christ/The Devil will be one of these Horns ruling this Beast Kingdom. The Four Beast in Daniel 7 will be the HQ of the One Wolrd Government. 

Verse 4 – This is talking about the War that happened in Heaven. Before God made everything, the Devil tried to take God off the Throne and he got 1/3rd of the angels to follow him. The Devil has been trying to destroy God for a long time. He knows he can’t, so he is trying to destroy God’s Children, by going after Jesus when he was born, but he did not succeed. 

Verse 5 – This is talking about Jesus being born and then going back into Heaven and now he is at the Throne of God.

Verse 6 – 1260 days refers to the Great Tribulation. This is the 3 ½ years that the Devil tries to destroy Israel. Israel will be protected by God and by a Nation on Earth that the Bible calls “Two Wings of a Great Eagle” in verse 14. This is a USA Prophecy. The USA will Protect Israel against the Beast Kingdom/ One World Government during the Great Tribulation. You can read about how these wings declared their independence from the Lion in Daniel 7, just as the USA declared its independence from Great Britain. 

So verse 1-6 is like a summary and then verse 7-17 is the story of the summary.  

Next week we will chat about Beast 1 and 2 and connect all the pieces. Subscribe For More…