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Top Reasons Your Still Single

Are you tired of searching and coming up short? I am too! Here are 4 keys that I found out during this hunting game called “Dating”! 

  1. Your not Christian. 

4%, that the percentage of Christians in the USA that has a biblical worldview. What that means is that they see the world around them through the eyes of the Bible. When they vote for a president, they vote based on their Christian beliefs. When they ask for Sunday off from work, it’s for Church and not for the football game. When in relationships, sex is the last thing on their list, because they hold sex outside marriage as a value. They hold Abortion as murder because God sees babies in the womb as people. So much more, they live for Jesus above everything else in this life. You will know they are a Christian, just because their faith will be the number 1 thing about their lives. In the USA, 4% of the church fits into this category. Not of the population, of the church. As a man after God’s own heart, I don’t want to be with a woman that is not after God’s own heart. The same with women, women who are pursuing God, aren’t interested in men who are not pursuing God. 4%, 4 out of 100 people in your church have a biblical worldview. That’s literally your church’s leadership and no one else.

  1. You meet the right person, but you ghost them.

Ghosting people is when two people are talking and the conversation is going somewhere, but for some reason, one of the people just fall off the face of the earth and you never hear from them again. Someone told me yesterday, they ghosted someone for asking her about what she does for a living. That could explain why I got ghosted a few times. I like asking girls what they do for a living to break the ice and see who they are beyond the dating website. What someone does for a living can pinpoint a lot about their personality. In most cases, people chose their jobs for a reason. Like when I was a manager at Walmart, now I’m a uber driver, I am also a preacher, these things tell a story of who I am and little about me. Apparently, though, women think guys are trying to figure out how their salary. Time for a new ice breaker? Yeap!

  1. You meet the right person, but they ghost you.

I meet the right person recently, I was about to ask them out, but they ghost me. So the who thing was that I found out they serve in homeless ministries on their off days. So I told her about my time I was homeless and I rebuilt my life, but with the help of God. I also mention that there a high possibility that my investments turn around and make me a millionaire. After I was done being homeless, I started investing my money in everything I could, now it looks like I could be a millionaire by 30. Maybe this information was way too much to mention. Decided, next time I find the right one, I’ll keep all that for a later conversation. Slow and smooth in these conversations. Don’t say too much or too little.

  1. Looking in the wrong place?

Looking for a Christian spouse is hard. It’s even harder if you’re living in the UK and trying to find one in the US. Look for a spouse in your own country, your own age range, your own demographics. I created a dating platform on this site, just click register on the menu and jump it, it’s still growing. This platform is meant to bring us closer to God while we seek a spouse.