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Remember that kid Trayvon Martin that was “Killed” by George Zimmerman?

George Zimmerman ended up getting charged for murder. That is sad. Pray that God release that men. He didn’t murder the kid.

I know everyone has their views. I just want to give some truth into this. We need to stop looking at the color of skin, that’s really screw up right there, we are all red under the skin. We need to also move on and take in truth.

We all know 17-year-old boys do stupid stuff if there outside at night. We all know because you use to be in that age group. You know how kids are. Now all I can truly say is the nation of USA are murderous people. Starting with woman. Killing unborn babies. Men one day your be in God’s courts being held for murder. Think about that. next Obama ad rest of the USA government is going to be standing on trail for murder, greed, stealing, lying.

Speak it as it is. We need to forgive people. We need to seek truth. Most likely Zimmerman didn’t do it. there no reason for him to do it. Most likely, all this is a set up. Most likely the Kids parents are greedy for money and dancing on their son’s grave. Most likely, Zimmerman is a Christian getting persecuted.

I do know one thing, we are all murderers. We all need to repent and give our life to Jesus and stop looking for trouble and looking for ways to make that wrath of God burn against you.

Repent… OR you will stand in the Court of God and answer for your murderous acts.