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Trust In God (Psalms 3)


Absalom, the son of King David was on a manhunt. He was craving power and he wasn’t going to stop at any cost until he got the power. Absalom was going to kill His own father, so he would have the throne. Sounds screwed up, right? Mighty King David, who stood against the Goliath, is now crying out to God to protect him from his own son. You can read about this story in 2 Samuel 15.


Maybe, maybe, just maybe your son isn’t trying to kill you, who knows, now day’s, the way this world is turning out, wouldn’t be surprise, but let’s assume, your son isn’t trying to kill you. Maybe it’s your Co-work trying to get you fired, maybe it’s the law trying to put false charges on you, it happens, everyday. Maybe, you have an roommate that owes you some rent and refuses to pay you and it’s affecting your lives savings. Maybe your own family and all your friends turn their backs on you and now are trying to destroy your reputation. If you feel like your world is just crashing down into tiny pieces, I think Psalms 3 is going to speak greatly to you today.


(Read Psalms 3)


  1. 1-2 speak to me personally. When I was 20 I had this roommate that didn’t pay his side of the rent and within 6 months I lose everything. I max out my credit card, 6 months behind on my truck payments, every penny is every saving account spent towards bills. On top of that my boss was about to fire me at work, it was a bad season. Boss about to fire me, apartment in process of evicting me, then my roommate screwed me. That was a time in my life when I got on my knees and said exactly what David said in verses 1 and 2.


  1. 3-6 are progressive verses, I like to call it. Stepping on one stone, then another stone and slowly and surely your on the other side the the stream. Few things we need to take from these verses when bad things come our way.
  1. God is protecting us (‘you Lord, are a shield’)
  2. God is using this make us stronger (‘One who lifts my head high’)
  3. We have to have an relationship with God (‘I call out to the Lord, and He answers..’)
  4. If we walk with God in that relationship, he will give us peace (‘I lie down and sleep….I will not fear’)
  1. 7-8 God is fighting our battle for us. He wins the war. When I was 20, I lost everything. I was homeless last christmas. Today, a year later, I have investments in real-estate and walmart 401k. I also went through the marine bootcamp and succeeded. I drive an 2017 chevy, and I work for UBER making sweet amount of income and the last 4 months i’ve been living on military bases eating pretty good. It took time, but I’m with David, when he said, “Arise Lord! Deliver me…..May your blessing be on your people.”


I’m living proof that there is an Living God. I’ve never seen him, but I know I’ve seen his ways. He is a good God and Loves you. Start an relationship with him today. Find an local church and get plug in.