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Used By God (Adam) Part 2

When we look around at our world today, the family seems to be fading away. From actors to government, tech giants, and around every corner, it seems like the world that we know of today is trying so hard to destroy this community called the family. Stats show that most young men that end up in prison actually grew up without a father in their homes or in their life. I’m not catholic and disagree with a lot of what the catholic church techings, but I agree with Pope John Paul ll when he said, “As the father goes, so goes the family and as the family goes so goes the nation”. Could the turmoil of the nation we live in be related to the father not being part of the family in so many households? It might be, there is a huge chance. What does God’s word say about the family? What can we in the 21st Century take away from Adam’s Life, concerning God’s design of the first family, which is the example to all future families’ design before the world fell into sin?

First, we see that God gave Adam a job to work the garden and to watch over it. Adam was the manager of God’s garden. So we see God giving Adam a role to play in this design that he is creating. For those like me, who are single, important to point out that before Adam received a wife, he received a role to play in the playbook of God and his role was to be the Manager of the Garden. Adam was also given one rule, don’t eat from this one tree. So we see God giving Adam a little responsibility, trust, and a test. Don’t miss this, God gives Adam a test.  So even in a perfect world, God gave adam a test and Adam was technically single. So here the question, if God gave Adam a test during his singleness, do you think he is going to test you during your singleness? What was this test? Will you Obey Me, Trust Me and Follow Me? Even when you don’t exactly understand why, will you still Obey, Trust and Follow God? We see this take place in Genesis 2: 15-17

So before God created the family, he created a Single Man and prepared him. What did he prepare him for? In order to lead someone, you first must follow someone and Adam was following God. His one job was to follow God because God was going to give him a wife and kids one day and they would follow him and trust/obey him in the leadership role that he would have in the institution of the family.

When God finally did give Adam a wife, Adam’s one job was to teach and lead his wife that God gave him. He was to make sure she didn’t eat of this one tree. Adam failed at this role and sin entered the world because of the disobedience of this man and his wife. They didn’t trust God was good. They thought God was holding something back from them. They tasted the fruit and it says that though it was “good for food… delight to the eyes… desired to make one wise” Gen. 3:6. The same verse goes on and actually says that Adam was standing passively right there. It’s like he watched her eat the fruit and said nothing and did nothing and actually join her in eating the fruit that God told them not to eat. “She also gave some to her husband who was with her.” It’s like, what was Adam thinking? He wasn’t thinking anything. It’s insane! Adam had one job, to lead his wife, instead, he just stood by and let his wife do exactly what God told them both not to do. 

Now, a lot of churches will teach the men is over the woman, but that is just not true. See when God created Eve, he took a rib from Adam’s side, not a bone from his foot to make her lower than him, not from his neck to make her higher than him, but from his side, so make her equal to him! Something else your notice the verse says is that God “brought her to the man”. Genesis 2:22. Maybe sometimes we as single men need to stop and just trust that God knows best and that he will bring us a wife. Not all the time, one verse in the bible talks about looking for a wife, but maybe some of us need to stop looking for a wife and just fulfill the mission God gave us and trust him in all the details. Personally, it’s hard for me because I want a wife so much, but maybe God is calling some of us to stop searching for a woman and just lay down and go to sleep. Stop stressing out and trust God. Adam didn’t know what a woman was when he went to sleep. Think about that! That woman didn’t know what a man was when God was leading her to him. Trust and Follow God. 

As we read the storyline, Adam’s son Cain chooses not to trust God and follow him and he ended up killing his brother. Seth was born in place of Able. Able Trust, Followed, and Obey God, but he was killed for it. I want to point out, following God comes at a cost, but God is still able to replace Able, with Seth and continue to do exactly what he was planning to do from the beginning. Sometimes following God comes with a price to pay, other times your follow God your whole life like Enoch, who get a special honor in the bible, as he is the only one in the genealogy of Adam that says about them that “he walked with God, and he was not, for God took him”. Some scholars believe that this is the first account of the rapture happening in the bible and some believe God will send Enoch back to the earth during the tribulation period as one of the two witnesses to the Jewish people. So following God comes at a price and sometimes a reward. Will you Trust, Follow, and Obey God today no matter if you have to pay the price for it? 

Not trusting God in the first family led to death, pain, suffering, loneliness, fear, and ultimately separation from God. These and other symptoms of the sin nature have followed every family after the first family. If they would have just trusted and followed God and obey him at his word, maybe we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in now in the 21st century. Jesus would have never had to die for our sin. So if your single and looking to mingle, or you’re in a family settling and everything is just great, or maybe you tried the whole family thing and it didn’t work out and it left a bunch of broken piece everywhere. Make today a different day, make today the day you choose to Trust, Follow and Obey God at his Word. These 3 things could have literally prevented all the worldwide problems we see today. These 3 things are literally the cure to World Peace!

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