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Not much detail is given about Issac’s life. He shows up for about two chapters in the book of Genesis. He kind of play’s this bridge man. God seems to use him to just pass the Abraham Blessing down to the next generation. What can we learn from Issac’s life and the little details that God provides, as we Walk With God?

Issac seems to do the same thing Abraham, his father does, he tells people that his wife is really his sister, because of fear that people might kill him for his wife. It’s crazy to think that a guy that has the God of the universe on his side is afraid of something like that. We almost can see this idea that women are seen as a piece of property in the old testament, based on the way we see that they treat women those days. This was Issac’s downfall. He seems to fear the rulers around him. Even though the mighty God is on his side. Literally in a covenant with the almighty King of kings and Lord of lords. As we walk with God, and we are put into tough situations, we can remember and his comfort knowing that the Lord of the universe is with us. Think about this idea really fast. Your car breaks down, you lose your job, whatever that situation, God is With You. When God shows up to Issac he tells him, “Fear not, for I am with you…” Genesis 26:24. He is also telling that to you and me, that is a promise of God we can hold on to. 

Many people in the world, in the church, are trying to figure out, ‘What is God’s plan for my life?’ or ‘Why am I here?’. We may think that we are here to be the next President of the USA or the next Billy Graham. Well, Issac was no next Abraham. Issac was simply a Bridgeman. His main job we see God used him for was to live a God Fearing Life, just like me and you are to live this God Fearing Life. We call it nowadays in the 21st century, LifeStyle Christianity. Issac had a Mission through. It can be hard to notice this mission God has for Issac. His mission was simply to pass the blessing down to the next generation. We see Issac blessed Jacob in Genesis 27. Issac’s God Given Mission was to live a God Fearing Life and to pass down this God Given Blessing to the next generation. 

What does this mean for us as Christians in the 21st Century? We are also called on a special mission, to shine our light on the dark world around us. In our workplace, homes, stores, online, and anywhere else that God may plan for us to travel in this world. God has given us that Mission to live a God Fearing Life, called LifeStyle Christianity, daily. We are called to be his witnesses of the Grace of God and by doing so we also pass the blessing of the Gospel down to the Next Generation. It’s an important task, God is calling you to a Great Mission. Are you open to fulfilling this mission? 2 Corinthians 3:2 “You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone.”

Be On Mission!