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As we continue our study in USED BY GOD – Exodus. I want to stop at this turning point and point out three key points, that we all can take with us as we are personally Used By God in our own 21st Century Life!

Key Points – Exodus 2:23-25

  1. To get God to respond, we must cry out to him, we must eagerly pursue God in prayer and ask and keep asking for him to come and move. This is not an overnight thing, but a consistent action of faith, many days, weeks, months, and years, we must never stop asking God to do something powerful.  – v. 23 
  2. We must believe that God has not forgotten his promise. He never stops hearing our cry for help. Sometimes it can feel like God doesn’t care. In the case of Israel, it’s been over 400 years and they have been enslaved by the Egyptians. We must understand that God hasn’t forgotten and he isn’t up in heaven ignoring us, but he hears us and he remembers us, and sometimes, life is going to bring pain, suffering, hardship, but we have to keep on pursuing and crying out to God and never stop until God moves. – v. 24
  3. God sees you and he knows your situation. He knows what the doctor said to you. He sees what that abusive partner or boss has done to you. He sees your car breaking down, and knows your struggling to feed your kids. He sees and knows your pain. – v. 25

Life can be a series of pain, hardship, and struggles. I’ve had a fair share of them as well. I’m not just a preacher behind a computer and everything is perfect and my life is amazing. I have faced unemployment, financial hardships, almost got discharged from the marines, and a lot of other crazy things also. I can say that through all of it, I have witnessed God, time and time again, see me through the hardest and toughest seasons this life can bring me. It all starts with being on your knees and praying, making your request to God almighty and he will hear your cry and come to your help. 

Next week we will explore Moses’ Calling and see that when we receive God’s help, He calls us to action as well. Come back next week for more!