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“Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants.” Matthew 13:7

“The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful.” Matthew 13:22

Fruit is the sign of a true believer. Anyone who doesn’t bear fruit, is not saved. They don’t have salvation. Many believers think that you just pray for forgiveness and that settled, your saved and now you can go do you own thing. All I can say, is see you in hell from heaven. It is a false teaching that has stay in the church for years, 1000’s of years. The false teaching that our actions mean nothing according the the faith. Faith and deeds play out greatly in a saved persons life. Many people seem to not understand it though and many people don’t even know that Jesus don’t even know them, even if your name is on the church enrollment sheet or you read the bible, or whatever church event you go to. All that is good, but you lack real faith.

The christian walk is going to have storms. Sometimes it may seem to be an hurricane. Problems in life are going to come. We need to take in the opportunity to stand firm in the mist of it all. Know that God is there and is beside you in all of it.

I see countless number of people come into the faith and then in a minute, their life becomes a mess and they relize that they don’t want to be a Walk With God Christian, but just a christian. Well, sad to say, but you need to Walk With God. If your not walking with God, your walking with the devil and you know where your walking with the devil to, right to hell. Christian means, you chose to Walk With God. You can NOT be a christian and not walk with God.

Trials will come, don’t be amazed because they came. Don’t ask, “where is God?”. Trail, trouble, problems, storms, etc. are put into your life, the moment you say you will Walk With God, and these trails are a test, testing your faith to know weather or not you are truly saved. Therefore, stand firm in these times. They will pass away. Every storm passes away after a time period, then you see a bright light called the sun. Don’t give up.

I love giving personal stories about myself and my own Walk With God. So here is my story of the storm.

In 2010, I gave my life to God. He called me to go preach the gospel. Within 7 days I meet this girl, named Ashley. God used me and her to start this online ministry. Then God called me to New Jersey. I live in Texas, so I thought I would leave when I was done with High School. By time week came for me to leave, everything that was planed fall apart. It’s 2013, I’ve been working in this golf club cleaning bathrooms, and pools, i’m like the main cleaning person. Not a manager, but just the main guy that cleans everything. I was asking God why did he put me here working sunday for money? Why am I here doing this non ministry related stuff? Its been about 13 months since I been out of school, God sent few people in my path that all told me to samething. “God put you here because he has plans for you here. Don’t question God’s plans.”. I’m currently in ministry school, God told me in an dream that I needed Pastoral training. Been learning a lot about the ministry type of work and stuff the bible teaches. On top of that, i’m learning how to wisly save money and spend money, since i’m saving for New Jersey. My storm of not going to New Jersey when I wanted to, is helping me grow more into a Men of God. The Storm is helping me be more closer to God and be more God Center in my daily life. It also teached me, ministers need to be paid by the church, so they can be ministers. No one can be ful time minister, and work a ful time job. Right now, i’m just warn out hoping this sermon makes since. Just got done cleaning 3 large pools at work, now writing a sermon for my pastoral job that I don’t get paid for, but only following God.

The main thing to understand is a Walk With GOD needs to be set up in your daily living, for you to truly be saved and also for you to get throw them storms. God bless you.