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What is Mankind that God knows about us? (Psalm 8)


Think about space for a minute. Earth is floating in space right now, not just that, earth is inside the milky way galaxy. Which is one of billions galaxies in space. Our galaxy is 100,000 light-years across, according to this article. If I remember correctly, 1 light-year is 600,000 miles. 600,000 * 100,000 is 6.E10. That is our galaxy alone. There are billions more in all shapes and sizes. Not to forget, a big empty spot in space. Know with that in Mind…


(Read Psalm 8)


  1. 1 right of the bat. Hit a Home run! Isn’t it true, that Space is just amazing to look at? David even says, that God has “Set” his own “glory in the heavens”. Heavens and Space are seen as the same-thing. When you look at space, aren’t you just amazed at all of it? Planets that are made of fire and ice, some are just balls of gas, others rain glass at 500 Mph, just crazy planets out there. Then black holes are just interesting, sucking up everything in it’s way, no one knows what happens on the other side. Not to forget the wonders of life in other places. Look at our own earth, how perfectly the sun and the moon are set in place.


  1. 2 God uses our praises to create a stronghold against the devil. Praising God is our weapon against the devil. Try it out sometime. David is praising God through the psalms as his enemies pursue him. So Praise God in your trouble time and remember the amazing things he has done.


  1. 3 – 4 Look around at God’s creation and give him Praise. It should amaze you, that the God of the Universe wants a relationship with YOU. He made all this and YOU are on His MIND. “what is mankind that you are mindful of them?”


  1. 5 – 8 At this point, you have to really ask yourself the same question. Why did God make Mankind? What are we here for? God put us, only us, humans in-charge of everything. WHY?


In the beginning, God had a Personal relationship with Adam, but Adam and eve disobey God and sin entered the world. Now Jesus came and he also had a relationship with God, his father, but he OBEY God. Jesus died on the cross because the religious people in his days hated him and wanted him died. Jesus came back to life 3 days later and Whoever accepts Him into their life will enter back into this Relationship with God. The reason he was here on earth was to have an relationship with GOD.


To start a relationship with God, Pray silently in your room and speak to God.  Bible and Plug into a Local Church.

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