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In the 1st century church, God used people’s homes to grew his church, as history continued and the church became a powerful influence, we started seeing buildings being built up and God’s people met in buildings and those buildings got the name “chapel”. Now in the 21st Century God is using Social Media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Blogs. He is using Biblegateway, which is a online bible with bible study tools. Along with the Bible App. God seems to be using these online tools to reach people all over the world.

This ministry was started in my high school lunchroom. Now we are touching almost every nation in the world for the Gospel. I was talking to a convert Muslim 3 or 4 weeks ago. She is in a nation that will kill her if they find out she is a christian. So without really living to these nations, we can reach people for Christ through the Social Media Platforms that we have in front of us.

There are a-lot of expenses that come into doing something like this. Cost of internet, laptops, ads, funding a website. In one year I would spend somewhere between $500 to $1000 to make this online ministry keep on going. On top of spending that, I also spend a considerable amount of time each week to create new devotionals and make sure the website isn’t going to crash.

When you become a Patreon or a Exclusive Subscriber, you will be helping this ministry continue to reach the four corners of the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just Click Register or visit the Patreon page. Don’t worry, your be given exclusive content not available to the public for your generosity.

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