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Our mission at Jesu Alone Saves is to reach the world for Christ. There is a misunderstanding today in the church culture that “God will provide, but not through me”. The fact is that God will provide through his people. His people are how He provides. Over the years we try to just raise straight donations to fund the ministry but been unsuccessful and we believe that it due to people’s commandments to their local church and sadly also to the fact that a lot of Christians no longer support Christian ministries anymore because of the false ministries and churches that are just in it to get a quick dollar from their members. It’s been about 14 years now that I’ve operated this ministry online. I have paid out of pocket for everything up to this point. It’s getting more difficult though. In the beginning it was just a Facebook page with a blog, now it’s so much more.

We have 6 different apps. One app is something, but 6 is another beast in its own.

  • Grow Your Faith app – It’s an app that allows you to stay connected with other believers and grow closer to God.
  • Single Christians Community Platform – This platform is multiple apps in one huge database. Our goal is to strengthen the single Christian community through this platform and make an isolated people into a community of people.
  • Regen – Our effort of helping felons regenerated their lives back into society. Due to lack of funding we aren’t able to take this where we want to take it.

Along with these apps, we have to pay for the blog and advertising. Alot of our reach comes from Facebook and Google ads.

Future Things We Are Hoping to Achieve…

  • Boarding School for Trouble Teens – We need about $3M to launch this boarding school. Sounds impossible but it’s possible if God’s people team up with us and make it a reality and help us change the lives of the youth.
  • Farm – We have an idea for a farm that will provide cheaper eggs to locals in small towns and also for green houses that will get healthier food options for small towns families.

The store is connected to a Print on Demand services and it’s free to have it listed in this website. There is a small commission we pay for each transaction. Once we start earning money from the store, we will be transparent about how the profits we make off the store is being used. So, you know we are not just another ministry trying to profit off the gospel. We just need funding to make these things happen and we can reach more for Christ in new and creative ways.

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