Sneak Peak into “The American Christian”

I’m sharing a little bit of the book with ya’ll… 

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“There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury every day.” Luke 16:19

I think in our world today Jesus might of said something like, “There was a rich man who was dressed in a nice black suit, with an silk tie and lived in a nice big house made of fine cut stones and bricks. And drove an vehicle wealth other people’s yearly income.” Can you just feel the conviction right now? I do everyday, as I drive my $18000 chevy cruze right pass homeless people under highways in the cities across north texas. I live in the part of the world the riches that we live under, help us just get by day to day, while in other nations, people make a percent of my daily income in a year.

What I’m trying so hard to do is to show people that we are not looking at ourselves in the right view of the bible. See when I look around, I see something, I see young men try to make themselves stronger and more good looking to impress a woman and their bosses, so they can get a promotion or the best looking girl in town and I see the same is true for girl, they put make up on and try so hard to make the nice looking guys to like them. Why does this matter?

It’s not wrong to be rich. Riches can be a blessing from God. Like one rich men in the old testament. He name was Solomon. He was born into this world because David sinned and took another men life from him and then took his wife. Solomon ended up becoming the next ruler of Israel when David died. God told Solomon to ask for anything and God would give it to him and so solomon asked for Wisdom to Rule God’s People and because Solomon Asked for that, God gave him Wealth along with it, because the request was noble and righteous and God honored that, but giving him what he really wanted, which was wealth. See when we put God first, God could make us wealthy. I’m not saying he will, but could. Jesus talked about seeking the Kingdom of God and his righteousness first and everything else will follow, in Matthew 6:33.

So if riches isn’t a bad thing, then why am I talking about it in this way? Answer, alot of christians in America live by this ideal that if I’m rich, I most be in the center of God’s will. If I’m rich, God most be blessing me. If I’m rich ———. Fill in the blank.We as a whole got it all wrong. We have put money first, God 2nd and everything else 3rd. Think about it, When the last time that you got your pay check and pulled out a lumsum and gave it straight towards reaching people for christ or helping a homeless man eat for the day or something towards a God honoring step of faith? 5 years ago maybe? But how about when was the last time you paid your bills first thing first. See what we do with our money, shows where our hearts are located. What was the rich man doing with his money? He was buying expensive clothing and paying for a nice place to live. It says ‘everyday’. It was the normal for him. Just like it’s the normal for us Americans to go to the mall and buy a shirt that cost $60, my personal daily wage, and then go to a nice big house that has more space then we know what to do with it.

We’re not even finish talking about the rich men, we still got more to talk about, that was just the first verse.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.


The American Christian

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

I wrote a little 5 page book about the church in America. It doesn’t take much to notice that most Christians in the states are just playing the game with God. Most Christians are not really pursing God in a biblical way and I’m on a mission to show the Church in the states where they fail to honor God. Click here to buy a copy of the ebook, you can download it and read it today. 


A Crazy Week

Hey everyone,

This isn’t the kind of post I normally create. So, I first, I finish my training, I’m now back home and the military got me station in the state I live. I was working for uber, and I was making great money, but this pass week I was in a car accident and now I am looking for a new job, because though the damages to my car are small, uber won’t let me use it not even to deliver food.So I’m stuck in the middle of a mess right now. I didn’t have full coverage insurance either, so paying for my car out of pocket is the only thing I can do right now.

There is some good news though, first God is alive and active and he is going to move in a mighty way in my situation I’m in. Job said, “Should we not consider good from God?” to his wife. No matter the pain we face, we can know that God is good and he want to do good in our lives, if we just trust in even in the darkest moments, says the guy that is unemployed and has no clue how we going to make ends meet. You can imagine, I’m stressed out, see the physical condition is still there just like when Job lost everything he cried out and tear his rob. My heart right now weights heavy.

I know like just coming on here randomly and saying this after be inactive for a few months is crazy, but in all serious and humbleness, I’m asking for little tiny help from the believers, would ya’ll help me raise between $4000 to $6000 in the next 3 weeks, so I can restore my car and I can get back on the road to making my living?

Here a few ways ya’ll can help me….

2. You can visit my advocare website, I have been trying to sell health products to uber riders, I have an friend been selling, he doing a great job, but if you visit HERE and buy stuff off this site, it will help both me and you, me pay my bills and you with your help. SPARK is the best products out of all them, because It’s like this energy drink that is completely healthy for you. It’s awesome. But click HERE to check it out.

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According To His Purpose| Reflection January ’18

Inside Cup

The scripture for the month of January is almost over and I’d like to talk about what I’ve learned. 🙂

(NIV) Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”

This month I’ve been working on daily prayer and reflecting on a particular scripture. I did not visually look up this scripture daily. I think for next month I’ll add the scripture on an index card, and post it where I can see it daily.

I believed God would use this scripture to teach me, but I didn’t know how.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.33.40 AM.png

He has been teaching me a lot about His timing and not giving up even when things seem hard, or when I get misunderstood. Each time, I’ve felt something relating to these circumstances I’ve thought about this scripture.

God will not hurt me…

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The Lord Stands Far Off (Psalm 10)

The Lord Stands Far Off (Psalm 10)



According to, 151,600 people die each day, 6,316 people die each hour. Wars all over, groups isis killing people. Normal everyday people getting cancer. Bad things happening to good people. It’s part of living in this world. It’s a sad truth. Why does it feel that God isn’t in the picture of any of these things? On Saturday, I met my dad after 18 years. I’m 24 years old now. I met my sister and my aunt. Pretty cool, but this is something that a-lot of people in the world are faced with, a-lot of people don’t know the other story of their family history. It’s reasonable to think, “Why is God so far off in this situation”. The fact is, God isn’t far off at all, he is very interested in your situation and so much interested that he inspired David to write this song, just for you. Continue reading

Question of the Week (Week 3)

When looking at the world around us, what do you think is next?


My Answer, I think the church around the world is about to rise up. I really think that the church in the USA is about to go through an Major World Wide Revival.

What Ya’ll Think?

Making a Successful Budget

God gave us Money us a resource, here is an post to expend on that….

Wouldn’t you love a way to make money, but not have to clock into work at 9am each morning to make that money? Hey I was in the same boat your in not so long ago. In this small book, I’m going to share some tips on what you could do to make extra money to the side.calculator-calculation-insurance-finance-53621.jpeg


History Lesson Continue reading

Government Shutdown (Psalm 9)

pexels-photo-129112.jpegGovernment Shutdown (Psalm 9)


Yesterday was the US Government Shutdown. Last time this happened, the shutdown lasted 13 days. This time it’s happening and people in the military are wondering if they will see their pay check on this next pay day, which is 10 days away. One side blames the other side in all this mess, because no deal can be made. I’ve been watching and looking into the news on this government shutdown, because I am an US Marine and this government shutdown effects me and my brothers and sisters in the Corps. So, what does any of this have to do with Psalm 9? You came to get a Bible study lesson, not an recent news lesson. I want to point out a few things within Psalm 9 that is related to a Nation that no longer wants God in the picture. Continue reading

Real Truth in Real Time

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been on lately with the Psalm devotions. School and work, have been wow this past week.

I wanted to talk about something really fast. We all know about the preachers who live in million dollar houses, fly jets and just live like kings.We can almost look at them and just think, “What, Why is that preacher living like that? Why isn’t he giving all that money to the poor or towards ministry?” Jesus said that we need to stop looking at other people and look at ourselves.

I want us to look at ourselves for a minute. Let look at where we live. Our houses with A/C and Heaters, an kitchen, back yard, electricity and the House it self without all that is a master piece.

Now Look at other places like India and Africa, No A/C, No Heater, No Kitchen, they never heard of an back yard, and we got water, we play in water, they don’t got water. In some places water is like gold.pexels-photo-462358.jpeg traditional-african-houses


We are Rich people. Before we point the finger at those preachers with nicer houses then us and with jets, we need to see were we stand on the scale. How much do we weight?


India VS USA… $1 = 64 Indian Rupee

Africa VS USA… $1 = 360.00 Nigerian Naira (One of the states of Africa)

Me and you are wealthy people in the worlds eyes. We can’t be looking at these millionaire preachers and try pass judgement on them. When we  ourselves are pretty much in the same shoe there wearing.




Question of the Week (Week 2)


I know it’s Friday, little late in the week for this. But Yet’s reflect on the most important question of them all. As we enter into 2018, what are you doing to keep a close relationship with GOD?

So For me personally, I find that as I keep on posting an new devotional on this website, it helps me keep my eyes in the word and not in the world. Also, I turn on worship music whenever I have an chance to. Lets face it, 2017 was the year, busy busy year, we just got through the most busiest time of the year, christmas and new years. It’s time for some of us to finish the school year, others may have started an new job. Life can get busy, but lets not get so busy that simply turning on christian music throughout the day is no longer an option.

So, I would love to Hear your Answer below, What are you doing this year to stay close to GOD?